Brunch Menu

Brunch Menu


DRINKS We proudly serve Starbucks Coffee

Drip coffee (regular or decaf) $3
Latte $5
Cappuccino $5
Café mocha $5
Caramel macchiato $5
Café americano $3
Chai latte $5
London Fog tea latte $5
Tazo brewed tea $3

English breakfast
Organic chai
Calm chamomile
Zen green
Refresh mint
Earl grey

No dairy? No problem!
Almond & soy alternatives available +$0.5
Extra flavour (caramel, vanilla, sugar free vanilla) +$0.5

ADULT DRINKS Served after 9 am only

Mimosa (3 oz & juice) $7
Little bit o’ baileys (1 oz) $5
Caesar (1 oz gin or vodka) $7

Served with crispy breakfast potatoes, herb hollandaise, sliced fruits

West Coast Benny $21
House smoked Steelhead trout, arugula, bruschetta

Canadian Benny $21
Local ham, maple candied bacon, chives


Thick cut smoked bacon $6
Maple sausages $6
Local ham $6
Free-run egg (ea.) $2
Fruits + berries $6
Whole sliced haas avocado $6
Pan roasted mushrooms $5
Crispy potato wedges + chipotle aioli $8
1 pc. Toast + homemade preserves $2
Fresh baked croissant $4

Coconut Chia Seed Pudding $14
Vegan passionfruit curd, agave, toasted coconut, lime zest, fresh berries, black sesame brittle

Granola Power Bowl $14
Greek yogurt, gluten free oat + almond granola, cocoa nibs, homemade preserves, fresh berries

Greek Style Avocado Toast $15
Local sourdough, smashed avocados, pickled onion, marinated tomatoes, cucumber, kalamata olives, goat feta, arugula salad
Add: free-run egg $2

Ranchero Breakfast $17
Two sunny-side up eggs, roasted vegetable empanadas, ranchera sauce, avocado, feta cheese, fire roasted salsa

Buttermilk Pancakes $18
Pumpkin caramel, vanilla chantilly, pumpkin seeds, crème fraiche

Liège Waffles $18
Berry jam, vanilla chantilly, plum powder, spiced pears, cardamom pastry cream

Apple Pie French Toast $18
Sourdough, spiced crème anglaise, caramel apples, oat crumble, chantilly, cheddar crisp

SY Classic $21
2 free-run eggs, crispy herbed potatoes, toast + homemade preserves. Choice of thick cut bacon, maple breakfast sausage, or local ham

House Smoked Steelhead Trout $19
Toasted everything bagel, Boursin cheese, pickled red onions, fried capers, fresh dill, fruit

Mushroom Omelette $20
Wild + farmed mushrooms, Fairwinds farm goat cheese, chives, local 7 grain toast, fruit

Ham + Cheese Omelette $20
Local ham, cave aged gruyere, chives, local 7 grain toast, fruit

Breakfast BLT $21
Toasted sourdough, over-easy egg, avocado, arugula, thick bacon, tomato, tajin, chipotle aioli

Mushrooms On Toast $21
Wild + farmed mushrooms, truffle butter, local sourdough, parmesan, two poached eggs, hollandaise, arugula salad

Breakfast Bowl $20
Potato wedges, cheese curds, mushrooms, maple sausage, roasted red peppers, two poached eggs, herb hollandaise

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Allergies or dietary concerns?

Please let us know, as not all ingredients are listed.

An automatic gratuity of 18% will be applied to groups of 8 or more.
Prices listed do not include GST or gratuity.

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